Decoded Slug: ~て当然だ (〜te touzen da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~て当然だ (〜te touzen da)

~て当然だ (〜te touzen da)

Short explanation:

Expresses that something is natural or expected.


Verb-て form + 当然だ


Kare wa mainichi benkyou shiteiru kara, shiken ni goukaku shite touzen da.
Since he studies every day, it's natural that he passes the exam.
Sono resutoran wa ryouri ga oishii node, yoyaku ga ippai ni natte touzen da.
The restaurant has delicious food, so it's no wonder the reservations are full.
Kanojo wa maiban renshuu shiteiru node, jouzu ni natte touzen da.
Since she practices every night, it's natural that she becomes skilled.
Kare wa shigoto de seikou shiteite okanemochi ni natte touzen da.
He succeeds in his work, so it's natural that he becomes wealthy.

Long explanation:

The ~て当然だ grammar point is used to express that something is natural, obvious, or to be expected given the circumstances. It can be translated as 'it's natural that', 'as expected', or 'no wonder' in English. The formation consists of attaching て-form of verb followed by 当然だ.

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