Decoded Slug: ~ではすまない (〜dewa sumanai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ではすまない (〜dewa sumanai)

~ではすまない (〜dewa sumanai)

Short explanation:

Expresses the speaker's strong feeling that just doing something is not enough or will not suffice.


Verb-dictionary form + ではすまない, い-adjective + ではすまない, な-adjective + ではすまない, Noun + ではすまない


Tada ayamaru dewa sumanai. Nanika koudou o toranakereba naranai.
Just apologizing will not suffice. Some action needs to be taken.
Kono mondai wa giron dake dewa sumanai. Gutaiteki na keikaku ga hitsuyou da.
This problem won't be solved with just discussions. A concrete plan is needed.
Kare no shippai wa chuui dake dewa sumanai. Kare wa sono sekinin o toru beki da.
His failure won't be resolved with just a warning. He should take responsibility.
Kono shippai wa kane de dewa sumanai. Shinrai o torimodosu tame, magokoro de shazai suru beki da.
This mistake cannot be compensated with money. To regain trust, an apology from the heart is needed.

Long explanation:

The grammar point ~ではすまない is used when the speaker strongly feels that an action or a situation is not sufficient or acceptable. The speaker feels that more needs to be done or that the situation has serious consequences.

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