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Decoded Slug: ~でばかりはいられない (〜de bakari wa irarenai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~でばかりはいられない (〜de bakari wa irarenai)

~でばかりはいられない (〜de bakari wa irarenai)

Short explanation:

Cannot afford to only do something; cannot always rely on


Verb-てform + でばかりはいられない


Itsumo tasukete moratte bakari wa irarenai.
I can't always rely on others to help me.
Suki na shigoto ga dekiru de bakari wa irarenai.
I can't afford to only do the work I love.
Oya ni tayotte bakari wa irarenai.
I can't always depend on my parents.
Yasunde bakari wa irarenai, shigoto o shinakereba naranai.
I can't afford to just rest, I have to work.

Long explanation:

The ~でばかりはいられない grammar point is used to express that one cannot afford to only do something or cannot always rely on a certain action or situation. It implies the need for a change or taking different actions in a given situation.

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