Decoded Slug: ~とあって (〜to atte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~とあって (〜to atte)

~とあって (〜to atte)

Short explanation:

Expresses a special situation or event due to certain circumstances.


Noun + とあって


Haruyasumi to atte, kouen wa kodomo-tachi de ippai da.
Because it's spring break, the park is full of children.
Shiken mae to atte, toshokan wa gakusei de konde iru.
Due to the upcoming exams, the library is crowded with students.
Kaitenbi to atte, sono mise ni wa takusan no hito ga narande ita.
Because it was the store's opening day, a lot of people were lined up.
Kare no tanjoubi to atte, yuujin tachi wa supuraizu paatii wo keikaku shita.
Because it was his birthday, his friends planned a surprise party.

Long explanation:

The ~とあって grammar point is used to indicate that because of a special circumstance or event, another situation is happening. This can often be translated as 'because' or 'due to' in English. This structure emphasizes the reason or cause of a situation rather than making causal connection.

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