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Decoded Slug: ~という (〜to iu) Noun

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~という (〜to iu) Noun

~という (〜to iu) Noun

Short explanation:

Used to define or explain a noun more specifically.


Noun + という + Noun, な-Adjective + という + Noun, Adjectival Verb + という + Noun


Kare wa nihongo ga ryuuchou na amerikajin to iu hito desu.
He is a person called an American who speaks fluent Japanese.
Kinou, oishikatta to iu keeki wo tabemashita.
Yesterday, I ate a cake that is said to be delicious.
Yuumei na kashu to iu kanojo wa, takusan no fan ga imasu.
She, who is called a famous singer, has many fans.
Kankyou ni yasashii to iu seihin ga ninki ga arimasu.
Products that are said to be environmentally friendly are popular.

Long explanation:

The ~という grammar point is used to define or explain a noun more specifically. It is often translated as 'called', 'named', or 'that is to say' in English. It can be used with nouns, な-adjectives, and adjectival verbs.

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