Decoded Slug: ~というものだ (〜to iu mono da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~というものだ (〜to iu mono da)

~というものだ (〜to iu mono da)

Short explanation:

Expressing a general rule or common sense.


Sentence + というものだ


Wakamono no netsujou wa sonkei suru ni atai suru to iu mono da.
The passion of young people is something that deserves respect.
Benkyou wa ichinichi mo saboreba okureru to iu mono da.
It's said that if you skip even one day of studying, you'll fall behind.
Seikou suru tame ni wa konnan ni tachimukau to iu mono da.
To succeed, one must face difficulties.
Yuujou wa okane de kaenai to iu mono da.
It is said that friendship cannot be bought with money.

Long explanation:

The ~というものだ grammar point is used to emphasize a general rule, common sense or an indisputable fact. It is often used to make comments or observations about something that is taken for granted or universally known.

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