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Decoded Slug: ~といえども (〜to iedomo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~といえども (〜to iedomo)

~といえども (〜to iedomo)

Short explanation:

Even if it is said that; Even though; Although


Noun + といえども, Verb-plain form + といえども


Kare ga tensai to iedomo, misu o suru koto wa arimasu.
Even though he is a genius, he makes mistakes.
Kono pasokon ga atarashii to iedomo, mondai ga arimasu.
Even though this computer is new, it has problems.
Haru to iedomo, mada samui hi ga arimasu.
Even though it's spring, there are still cold days.
Kanojo ga ichiban suki na hito to iedomo, iya na koto wa iya desu.
Even though she is the person I like the most, I dislike unpleasant things.

Long explanation:

The ~といえども grammar point is used to express a contrast or contradiction between two situations. It can be translated as 'even if', 'although', or 'even though' in English. The formation differs depending on whether it is used with a noun or a verb.

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