Decoded Slug: ~といったらありゃしない (〜to ittara arya shinai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~といったらありゃしない (〜to ittara arya shinai)

~といったらありゃしない (〜to ittara arya shinai)

Short explanation:

Used to emphasise that something is to the extreme; 'you have no idea how...', 'it's incredibly...'.


Verb-casual + といったらありゃしない, い-Adjective + といったらありゃしない, な-Adjective + だといったらありゃしない, Noun + だといったらありゃしない


Sono mise no ramen wa oishii to ittara arya shinai.
You have no idea how delicious the ramen at that shop is.
Kanojo no ryouri no udemae wa jouzu to ittara arya shinai.
You have no idea how good she is at cooking.
Kono fuyu no samusa wa kibishii to ittara arya shinai.
You have no idea how harsh the cold is this winter.
Sono shousetsu wa omoshiroi to ittara arya shinai.
You have no idea how interesting that novel is.

Long explanation:

The ~といったらありゃしない grammar point is used when emphasising that something is so extremely a certain way, it's hard to comprehend. It can be loosely translated as 'you have no idea how...' or 'it's incredibly...' in English. This is an idiomatic expression and does not get directly translated.

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