Decoded Slug: ~とく (〜toku)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~とく (〜toku)

~とく (〜toku)

Short explanation:

Express the idea of doing something in advance or preparing for something.


Verb-て form + とく


Yoru osoku naru kara, konban no gohan wo tsukutte toku.
Since it will get late at night, I'll prepare tonight's dinner in advance.
Kasa ga hitsuyou kamoshirenai node, motte iku.
I might need an umbrella, so I'll bring it just in case.
Shiken ga chikai kara, ima kara benkyou shite okou.
Since the exam is coming up, I'll start studying now to prepare.
Ashita wa isogashii node, sentaku wo shite oku.
Since tomorrow will be busy, I'll do the laundry in advance.

Long explanation:

The ~とく grammar point is used to express the idea of doing something in advance or preparing for something. It implies that the speaker is performing an action to avoid trouble or inconvenience in the future. This grammar point is a shortened version of '~ておく (~te oku)', often used in casual speech.

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