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Decoded Slug: ~ところを (〜tokoro wo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ところを (〜tokoro wo)

~ところを (〜tokoro wo)

Short explanation:

Expresses the concept of 'despite' or 'even though'.


Verb-てform + いる + ところを, Noun + の + ところを, い-Adjective + ところを, な-Adjective + な + ところを


Mite iru tokoro wo, kyuu ni teiden ni natta.
Even though I was watching, it suddenly blacked out.
Oishii tokoro wo, kare ga zenbu tabete shimatta.
Despite being delicious, he ate it all.
Hikouki ni notte iru tokoro wo, totsuzen ni yure hajimeta.
Even though I was on the plane, it suddenly started to shake.
Kanojo ga okotte iru tokoro wo, watashi wa joudan o iimashita.
Despite her being angry, I told a joke.

Long explanation:

The ~ところを grammar point is used to indicate an action or state that contrasts with what follows. It translates as 'despite' or 'even though'. It is often used to express surprise, disappointment or criticism about the situation. It is followed by what actually happened, often contrary to what one expected.

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