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Decoded Slug: ~としたところで (〜to shita tokoro de)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~としたところで (〜to shita tokoro de)

~としたところで (〜to shita tokoro de)

Short explanation:

Even if; even though; even assuming


Verb-casual + としたところで, い-Adjective + としたところで,な-Adjective + だとしたところで, Noun + だとしたところで


Kare ga kuru to shita tokoro de, nani mo kawaranai darou.
Even if he comes, nothing will probably change.
Oishii okashi wo tsukuru to shita tokoro de, sore ga ureru hoshou wa nai.
Even if we make delicious sweets, there's no guarantee they will sell.
Denwa wo kakeru to shita tokoro de, kanojo ga deru to wa kagiranai.
Even if I make a phone call, she might not answer.
Saikou no zairyou wo tsukau to shita tokoro de, ryouri ga oishii to wa kagiranai.
Even if you use the best ingredients, the dish may not necessarily be delicious.

Long explanation:

The ~としたところで grammar point is used to express the concept of 'even if' or 'even though'. It emphasizes that even if the condition in the first clause were met or true, the result in the second clause would not change. This grammar point is typically used in conversation to express strong hypothetical assumptions.

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