Decoded Slug: ~とはいえ (~to wa ie)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~とはいえ (~to wa ie)

~とはいえ (~to wa ie)

Short explanation:

Even though; although; but


Noun + とはいえ, な-Adjective + だとはいえ, い-Adjective + とはいえ, Verb-casual + とはいえ


Kare wa atama ga yoi to wa ie, sukoshi namakemono da.
Although he is smart, he is a bit lazy.
Kono resutoran wa oishii to wa ie, chotto takai.
While this restaurant is delicious, it's a bit expensive.
Nihon wa chiisai kuni da to wa ie, gijutsu wa sekaiichi da.
Even though Japan is a small country, its technology is the best in the world.
Kanojo wa wakai to wa ie, keikenhoufu da.
Even though she is young, she is very experienced.

Long explanation:

The ~とはいえ grammar structure is used to express the contradictory nature of a situation or event. It means even though or although signifying a sense of contrast or contradiction. The usage of this structure is mainly seen in a formal or written context.

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