Decoded Slug: ~とみえて (〜to miete)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~とみえて (〜to miete)

~とみえて (〜to miete)

Short explanation:

It seems that; apparently


Verb-casual + とみえて, い-Adjective + とみえて,な-Adjective + だとみえて, Noun + だとみえて


Kare wa undou ga tokui to miete, mainichi jimu ni itteimasu.
He seems to be good at exercise, as he goes to the gym every day.
Kanojo wa isogashii to miete, nakanaka aenai.
She seems to be busy, as it's hard to meet her.
Tanaka-san wa tsukarete iru to miete, hayaku kaerimashita.
It seems that Tanaka-san was tired, he went home early.
Sono mise wa ninki da to miete, itsumo retsu ga dekite iru.
That shop seems to be popular, as there is always a line.

Long explanation:

The ~とみえて grammar point is used to express the speaker's judgement about a situation based on visible or known information. It is often translated as 'apparently' or 'it seems that' in English.

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