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Decoded Slug: ~とみられる (~to mirareru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~とみられる (~to mirareru)

~とみられる (~to mirareru)

Short explanation:

It is considered that; It is thought that; It is believed that


Verb-casual+ とみられる, Noun + とみられる


Kare no koudou wa musekinin to mirareru.
His behavior is considered irresponsible.
Kono e wa pikaso no sakuhin to mirareteiru.
This painting is believed to be a work of Picasso.
Jishin no ato, higai wa sara ni zouka suru to mirareru.
After the earthquake, damage is expected to increase further.
Shuumatsu wa tenki ga yoku naru to mirareru.
The weather is expected to improve on the weekend.

Long explanation:

The ~とみられる grammar point is used to express how an idea, fact, or circumstance is considered or understood. This phrase is often used in news or reports to show the speaker's or writer's estimation, judgment, or present belief about something.

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