Decoded Slug: ~と言わんばかりの Noun (~to iwan bakari no Noun)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~と言わんばかりの Noun (~to iwan bakari no Noun)

~と言わんばかりの Noun (~to iwan bakari no Noun)

Short explanation:

Expresses the concept of 'as if to say'; 'almost says'; 'suggests'.


Verb-plain form + と言わんばかりの Noun


Tanaka-san wa ureshikute tobiagaru to iwan bakari no egao wo miseta.
Tanaka showed a smile as if to say he was so happy he could jump for joy.
Kanojo wa boku ni hanashikakeru to iwan bakari no shisen wo okutta.
She sent me glances as if to say she wanted to speak with me.
Sono roujin wa samusa de furueteiru to iwan bakari no sugata wo miseteita.
The old man was shivering as if to say he was freezing from cold.
Kare no karada wa kinchou de katamatteiru to iwan bakari no fuukaku wo hanatteiru.
His body exudes a dignity as if to say he is stiff from tension.

Long explanation:

The ~と言わんばかりの Noun grammar point is used to express that someone's action or a situation suggests a certain message, even though it is not explicitly said. It can be translated as 'as if to say', 'almost says', or 'suggests'. It is typically used to understand unspoken messages conveyed through someone's behavior.

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