Decoded Slug: ~どんなに~ことか (〜donna ni〜koto ka)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~どんなに~ことか (〜donna ni〜koto ka)

~どんなに~ことか (〜donna ni〜koto ka)

Short explanation:

Expresses the extent of something or emphasizes the degree of a condition or situation.


どんなに + Adjective + ことか, どんなに + Verb + ことか


Donna ni tsukareta koto ka, kotoba de wa arawasemasen.
I can't put into words how tired I am.
Donna ni tsurai koto ka, kanojo wa mainichi ganbatte hataraiteimasu.
How hard it must be, she works hard every day.
Kare no seikou wa donna ni yorokobashii koto ka.
How happy his success must be.
Donna ni tanoshii koto ka, minna de ryokou ni iku.
How fun it is to go on a trip with everyone.

Long explanation:

The ~どんなに~ことか grammar point is used to emphasize the extent of a condition or circumstance, and to express how much or to what degree something is happening. It is often translated as 'how much', 'how greatly', or 'to what extent' in English. This pattern is usually used with an adjective or verb in a sentence.

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