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Decoded Slug: ~ないといけない (〜nai to ikenai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ないといけない (〜nai to ikenai)

~ないといけない (〜nai to ikenai)

Short explanation:

Express a necessity; 'must', 'have to', 'need to'.


Verb-negative + といけない


Ashita shiken ga aru kara, kon'ya benkyou shinai to ikenai.
I have an exam tomorrow, so I have to study tonight.
Ku-ji ni shuppatsu shinai to ikenai.
We must leave at 9 o'clock.
Kaze o hikanai you ni, te o yoku arawanai to ikenai.
To avoid catching a cold, we have to wash our hands well.
Kono shigoto wa ashita made ni owaranai to ikenai.
This work must be finished by tomorrow.

Long explanation:

The ~ないといけない grammar point is used to express a sense of necessity or obligation, similar to 'must', 'have to', or 'need to' in English. This structure is formed by using the negative form of the verb (ending in ない) followed by といけない.

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