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Decoded Slug: ~なきゃいけない (〜nakya ikenai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~なきゃいけない (〜nakya ikenai)

~なきゃいけない (〜nakya ikenai)

Short explanation:

Express a necessity or obligation; 'must', 'have to'.


Verb-casual (negative form without い) + なきゃいけない


Ashita made ni shukudai wo owaranakya ikenai.
I have to finish my homework by tomorrow.
Mou sugu dekakeru kara, isoide junbi shinakya ikenai.
We're leaving soon, so I have to hurry and get ready.
Kono purojekuto wa raishuu teishutsu shinakya ikenai.
I must submit this project by next week.
Densha ni noru mae ni, kippu wo kawanakya ikenai.
I have to buy a ticket before getting on the train.

Long explanation:

The ~なきゃいけない grammar point is used to express a sense of necessity or obligation, similar to saying 'must' or 'have to' in English. It is a casual and more colloquial form of the ~なければいけない grammar point. The formation is different for verbs, but it is not used with い-adjectives, な-adjectives, or nouns.

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