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Decoded Slug: ~なくてもいい (〜nakutemo ii)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~なくてもいい (〜nakutemo ii)

~なくてもいい (〜nakutemo ii)

Short explanation:

Expresses that something is not necessary to do; 'it's okay if not', 'don't have to'.


Verb-ない-form + てもいい


Koohii wa nomanakutemo ii desu.
You don't have to drink the coffee.
Shukudai wo kyou shinakutemo ii desu.
It's okay if you don't do your homework today.
Sugu ni henji wo shinakutemo ii desu yo.
You don't have to reply immediately.
Zenbu tabenakutemo ii desu kara, muri shinai de kudasai.
You don't have to eat everything, so please don't force yourself.

Long explanation:

The ~なくてもいい grammar point is used to express that an action or situation is not necessary or required, implying that it's okay if it does not occur. It can be translated as 'it's okay if not' or 'don't have to' in English. This grammar is used with verbs.

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