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Decoded Slug: ~なければ ならない (〜nakereba naranai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~なければ ならない (〜nakereba naranai)

~なければ ならない (〜nakereba naranai)

Short explanation:

Express obligation or necessity; 'must', 'have to', 'need to'.


Verb-ない form + なければ ならない


Shukudai wo yaranakereba naranai.
I have to do my homework.
Ashita made ni kono hon wo yomanakereba naranai.
I have to read this book by tomorrow.
Jugyou ni okurenai you ni, hayaku okinakereba naranai.
I have to wake up early so I don't be late for class.
Ryokou ni iku mae ni kippu wo kawanakereba naranai.
I have to buy a ticket before going on a trip.

Long explanation:

The ~なければ ならない grammar point is used to express obligation or necessity. In English, it can be translated as 'must', 'have to', or 'need to'. The formation differs depending on whether it is used with a verb. It cannot be used with い-adjectives, な-adjectives or nouns.

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