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Decoded Slug: ~など (〜nado)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~など (〜nado)

~など (〜nado)

Short explanation:

Indicates a non-exhaustive list of examples; 'such as', 'things like', 'among others'.


Noun + など


Sakana, kudamono nado wo ichiba de kaimashita.
I bought fish, fruits, and such at the market.
Kare wa nihongo, eigo, chuugokugo nado wo hanasemasu.
He can speak languages such as Japanese, English, and Chinese.
Bijutsukan de wa kaiga, choukoku nado no sakuhin wo mimashita.
At the art museum, I saw works like paintings, sculptures, and others.
Kono mise de wa pan, keeki nado no okashi wo utteimasu.
This store sells sweets such as bread, cakes, and so on.

Long explanation:

The ~など grammar point is used to give a non-exhaustive list of examples, meaning the mentioned items are only some of many possibilities. It can be translated as 'such as', 'things like', or 'among others' in English. This grammar point can be used with nouns.

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