Decoded Slug: ~にかかわらず (〜ni kakawarazu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~にかかわらず (〜ni kakawarazu)

~にかかわらず (〜ni kakawarazu)

Short explanation:

Regardless of; irrespective of; despite.


Verb-dictionary form + にかかわらず, い-Adjective + にかかわらず, な-Adjective + にかかわらず, Noun + にかかわらず


Tenki ni kakawarazu, kyou no shiai wa okonawaremasu.
The game today will be held, regardless of the weather.
Kare wa nenrei ni kakawarazu, atarashii koto wo manabi tsuzukete imasu.
He continues to learn new things, regardless of his age.
Sono shigoto wa muzukashii ni kakawarazu, kanojo wa doryoku shi tsuzuketa.
Despite the job being difficult, she continued to make an effort.
Keiken no umu ni kakawarazu, kono puroguramu wa daredemo riyou dekimasu.
Regardless of experience, this program can be used by anyone.

Long explanation:

The ~にかかわらず grammar point is used to express that something happens or is true regardless of a particular fact, condition or circumstance. It can be translated as 'regardless of', 'irrespective of', or 'despite' in English. It can be used with verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, or nouns.

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