Decoded Slug: ~にかけては (〜ni kakete wa)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~にかけては (〜ni kakete wa)

~にかけては (〜ni kakete wa)

Short explanation:

Indicates a specific area or aspect in which someone or something excels.


Noun + にかけては


Ryouri no udemae ni kakete wa, kanojo wa dare ni mo makemasen.
When it comes to cooking skills, she is second to none.
Kono machi ni kakete wa, kare no mise ga ichiban oishii raamen wo utteimasu.
As far as this town is concerned, his store sells the most delicious ramen.
Ongaku no chishiki ni kakete wa, kare wa watashitachi no naka de ichiban kuwashii desu.
When it comes to music knowledge, he is the most knowledgeable among us.
Supootsu ni kakete wa, kare wa donna kyogi mo tokui desu.
When it comes to sports, he excels in any competition.

Long explanation:

The grammar point ~にかけては is used to emphasize a particular area or aspect in which someone or something excels or is exceptional. This structure is often used with positive connotations regarding the subject's expertise or outstanding qualities.

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