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Decoded Slug: ~にかわって (〜ni kawatte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~にかわって (〜ni kawatte)

~にかわって (〜ni kawatte)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'in place of', 'on behalf of', or 'instead of'.


Noun + にかわって


Kare ga byouki na no de, watashi ga kaigi ni shusseki suru koto ni narimashita. Watashi ga kare ni kawatte kaigi ni shusseki shimasu.
He is sick, so I will attend the meeting. I will attend the meeting on his behalf.
Haha wa isogashii no de, watashi ga otouto ni kawatte ryouri wo tsukurimasu.
My mother is busy, so I will cook the meal instead of her.
Kondo no ryokou wa imouto ni kawatte, watashi ga issho ni ikimasu.
For this trip, I will go together instead of my younger sister.
Sensei ga shucchuu chuu de inai no de, joshu ga sensei ni kawatte kurasu wo tantou shimasu.
The teacher is not here because of a business trip, so the assistant will take charge of the class instead of the teacher.

Long explanation:

The ~にかわって grammar point is used to express that someone or something is acting in place of, on behalf of, or instead of someone or something else. This grammar point can be used with verbs, nouns, い-adjectives, and な-adjectives.

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