Decoded Slug: ~にしたがって (〜ni shitagatte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~にしたがって (〜ni shitagatte)

~にしたがって (〜ni shitagatte)

Short explanation:

Expresses a natural consequence or a change that occurs according to something else; 'as', 'with', 'in accordance with'.


Noun + にしたがって


Seichou ni shitagatte, kono shokubutsu no ha ga ookiku narimasu.
As it grows, the leaves of this plant become larger.
Setsumeisho ni shitagatte, kagu wo kumitatete kudasai.
Please assemble the furniture according to the instructions.
Nenrei ni shitagatte, hito no tairyoku wa teika shimasu.
As people age, their physical strength declines.
Undou ni shitagatte, shinpakusuu ga zouka suru koto ga ippan teki desu.
It is common for the heart rate to increase with exercise.

Long explanation:

The ~にしたがって grammar point is used to express a natural consequence or a change that occurs according to something else. It can be translated as 'as', 'with', or 'in accordance with' in English. This grammar point is used with nouns and can be used to show a change in proportion or in accordance with a rule or principle.

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