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Decoded Slug: ~につれて (〜ni tsurete)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~につれて (〜ni tsurete)

~につれて (〜ni tsurete)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea that as one thing changes, so does another; 'as', 'along with', 'while'.


Verb-ますstem + につれて, い-Adjective(-い) + く + につれて, な-Adjective + につれて, Noun + につれて


Toshi wo toru ni tsurete, kenkou ni ki wo tsukenakereba narimasen.
As you get older, you have to pay more attention to your health.
Haru ga chikazuku ni tsurete, kion ga agaru.
As spring approaches, the temperature rises.
Benkyou suru ni tsurete, dandan wakaru you ni naru.
As I study, I gradually come to understand.
Keiken ga fueru ni tsurete, jishin mo tsuite kuru.
As your experience increases, so does your confidence.

Long explanation:

The ~につれて grammar point is used to express the idea that as one thing changes or progresses, another thing changes or progresses simultaneously. In English, it can be translated as 'as', 'along with', or 'while'. This grammar point can be used with verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, and nouns.

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