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Decoded Slug: ~にとって (〜ni totte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~にとって (〜ni totte)

~にとって (〜ni totte)

Short explanation:

Express the meaning 'for', 'to', 'from the perspective of'.


Noun (person or thing) + にとって + Verb/Adjective/Noun


Watashi ni totte, kenkou wa ichiban taisetsu na koto desu.
For me, health is the most important thing.
Ano kaisha ni totte, kono purojekuto wa juuyou na imi ga arimasu.
For that company, this project has significant meaning.
Kodomotachi ni totte, omocha wa tanoshii mono desu.
For children, toys are fun things.
Gaikokujin ni totte, nihongo wa muzukashii gengo no hitotsu desu.
For foreigners, Japanese is one of the difficult languages.

Long explanation:

The ~にとって grammar point is used to express the meaning 'for', 'to', or 'from the perspective of' when describing someone or something's point of view, feelings, benefits, or importance. It is used with all types of words, such as verbs, adjectives, and nouns.

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