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Decoded Slug: ~によって (〜ni yotte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~によって (〜ni yotte)

~によって (〜ni yotte)

Short explanation:

Indicates the reason or cause, difference depending on a factor, or methods used.


Verb-casual + によって, い-Adjective + によって, な-Adjective + によって, Noun + によって


Sono jiko wa akutenkou ni yotte hikiokosareta.
The accident was caused by bad weather.
Seikatsu shuukan ni yotte, kenkou joutai ga kawarimasu.
Health conditions change depending on lifestyle habits.
Kare no seikou wa doryoku ni yotte erareta mono da.
His success was achieved through hard work.
Kekka wa shiken no nan ido ni yotte kotonarimasu.
The results vary depending on the difficulty of the exam.

Long explanation:

The ~によって grammar point is used to express the reason or cause of something, to show a difference depending on a certain factor, or to indicate the method or means by which something is done. It can be translated as 'by', 'depending on', 'due to', or 'according to' in English. The formation is the same for verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, and nouns.

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