Decoded Slug: ~により (〜ni yori)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~により (〜ni yori)

~により (〜ni yori)

Short explanation:

Indicates the reason, method, or means by which something happens; 'by', 'through', 'due to'.


Noun + により, Verb + により


Kono jiko wa untenshu no fuchuui ni yori okorimashita.
This accident occurred due to the driver's carelessness.
Sono eiga wa shousetsu ni yori seisaku saremasita.
The movie was produced based on the novel.
Hannin wa keisatsu ni yori taiho saremashita.
The criminal was arrested by the police.
Kaisha no seichou wa juugyouin no doryoku ni yori jitsugen shimashita.
The company's growth was achieved through the efforts of its employees.

Long explanation:

The ~により grammar point is used to indicate the reason, method, or means by which something happens or is done. It can be often translated as 'by', 'through', or 'due to' in English. The formation is quite simple, as it can be attached directly to nouns or verbs.

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