Decoded Slug: ~によれば (〜ni yoreba)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~によれば (〜ni yoreba)

~によれば (〜ni yoreba)

Short explanation:

Means 'according to', 'based on' or 'by'.


Noun + によれば


Tenki yohou ni yoreba, ashita wa hareru deshou.
According to the weather forecast, it will be sunny tomorrow.
Sensei ni yoreba, kono mondai wa kantan da sou desu.
According to the teacher, this problem seems to be easy.
Chousa ni yoreba, wakamono no kitsuenritsu ga hette iru to iu koto desu.
According to the survey, the smoking rate among young people is decreasing.
Shinbun kiji ni yoreba, sono kigyou wa tousan no kiki ni aru rashii.
According to the newspaper article, the company appears to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Long explanation:

The ~によれば grammar point is used to express information, opinions or a judgement made based on a certain source. It can be translated as 'according to', 'based on', or 'by' in English. This grammar point is typically used with a noun that represents the source of information.

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