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Decoded Slug: ~にわたって (〜ni watatte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~にわたって (〜ni watatte)

~にわたって (〜ni watatte)

Short explanation:

Indicates a range or extent; 'over', 'throughout', 'across'.


Noun + にわたって


Kanojo wa ichinen ni watatte nihongo wo benkyou shimashita.
She studied Japanese for over a year.
Kono purojekuto wa gojukiro ni watatte douro wo kensetsu shimasu.
This project will construct roads across 50 kilometers.
Kare no chosaku wa amataku no kuni ni watatte yomarete iru.
His writings are read throughout numerous countries.
Sono himitsu wa sedai ni watatte tamotsu sareta.
The secret was kept over generations.

Long explanation:

The ~にわたって grammar point is used to express a range or extent of a particular action, event, or situation. It can be translated as 'over', 'throughout', or 'across' in English. This structure can be used with various types of words such as time, distance, and quantity.

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