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Decoded Slug: ~に基づいて (〜ni motozuite)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に基づいて (〜ni motozuite)

~に基づいて (〜ni motozuite)

Short explanation:

Based on, according to, depending on


Noun + に基づいて


Kenkyuu kekka ni motozuite, atarashii chiryouhou ga kaihatsu sareました。
A new treatment method was developed based on the research results.
Houritsu ni motozuite, hanzaisha wa taiho saremashita.
The criminal was arrested according to the law.
Sono deeta ni motozuite, ketsuron o dasu koto ga dekimasu.
We can draw conclusions based on that data.
Okyakusama no youbou ni motozuite, shouhin no kaizen ga okonawaremasu.
Product improvements will be made based on customer requests.

Long explanation:

The ~に基づいて grammar point is used to express that something is based on, according to, or depending on a certain source or foundation. It can be used with nouns that represent a source, rule, principle, or standard.

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