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Decoded Slug: ~に堪える (~ni taeru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に堪える (~ni taeru)

~に堪える (~ni taeru)

Short explanation:

Signify 'cannot stand', 'can’t help but feel', 'cannot be overlooked'.


Verb-dictionary form + に堪える, Verb-nai form + に堪える, い-adjective + さ + に堪える, な-Adjective + さ + に堪える, Noun + の + に堪える


Kono atsusa wa mou gaman ni taenai.
I can't stand this heat anymore.
Kare no gendou wa miru ni taenai.
His words and deeds are unbearable to watch.
Kare no utagoe wa kiku ni taeru.
His singing voice is unbearable to listen to.
Sono eiga wa tsumaranasa ni taenai.
The movie is unbearable due to its dullness.

Long explanation:

The ~に堪える grammar point is used to express that something is unbearable, hard to withstand, or cannot be overlooked. It often describes a strong emotional response to something or a situation that is hard to bear.

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