Decoded Slug: ~に応えて (〜ni kotaete)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に応えて (〜ni kotaete)

~に応えて (〜ni kotaete)

Short explanation:

Responding to; living up to; meeting.


Noun + に応えて


Okyaku-sama no youbou ni kotaete, atarashii menyuu o tsukurimashita.
Responding to the customers' requests, we created a new menu.
Kare wa chiimu no kitai ni kotaete, subarashii puree o miseta.
He lived up to the team's expectations and showed a great performance.
Seifu wa kokumin no koe ni kotaete, atarashii houritsu o seitei shita.
The government enacted a new law in response to the voice of the people.
Kigyou wa kankyou mondai ni kotaete, kankyou ni yasashii seihin o kaihatsu shiteiru.
Companies are developing environmentally friendly products in response to environmental issues.

Long explanation:

The ~に応えて grammar point is used to express an action in response to something (an expectation, request, or situation). It can be translated as 'responding to', 'living up to', or 'meeting' in English. This grammar point is generally used with nouns or noun phrases.

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