Decoded Slug: ~に比べて (〜ni kurabete)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に比べて (〜ni kurabete)

~に比べて (〜ni kurabete)

Short explanation:

Comparing to; in comparison with; as opposed to.


Verb-casual + に比べて, い-Adjective + に比べて, な-Adjective + だ/である + に比べて, Noun + だ/である + に比べて


Natsu ni kurabete, fuyu wa samui desu.
Winter is cold compared to summer.
Kono tomato wa akai tomato ni kurabete oishikunai.
This tomato is not as delicious compared to the red tomatoes.
Kare wa watashi ni kurabete eigo ga jouzu desu.
He is better at English compared to me.
Toukyou ni kurabete, Kyouto wa shizukana machi desu.
Kyoto is a quieter city compared to Tokyo.

Long explanation:

The ~に比べて grammar point is used to compare two things or situations by highlighting their differences. It can be translated as 'comparing to', 'in comparison with', or 'as opposed to' in English. The formation differs depending on whether it is used with a verb, い-adjective, な-adjective, or noun.

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