Decoded Slug: ~に沿って (〜ni sotte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に沿って (〜ni sotte)

~に沿って (〜ni sotte)

Short explanation:

Along with; in accordance with; following


Noun + に沿って


Kawa ni sotte aruite iku to, hashi ga miete kimasu.
If you walk along the river, you will see a bridge.
Kono reshipi ni sotte ryouri wo tsukureba, machigai arimasen.
If you cook according to this recipe, there will be no mistakes.
Kisoku ni sotte koudou shinakereba narimasen.
We must act in accordance with the rules.
Yamamichi ni sotte susumu to, chiisana jinja ga arimasu.
If you follow the mountain path, there is a small shrine.

Long explanation:

The ~に沿って grammar point is used to express that something happens or is done along with, in accordance with, or following a particular line, path, or guideline. It is often used in instructions or explanations. The に沿って is attached to the noun representing the line, path or guideline.

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