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Decoded Slug: ~に至った (〜ni itatta)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に至った (〜ni itatta)

~に至った (〜ni itatta)

Short explanation:

Expresses the outcome of a process or a series of events; 'reached the point', 'led to'.


Verb-てform + に至った


Kare wa renshuu o kasanete, tsui ni puro no gitarisuto ni itatta.
After repeated practice, he finally became a professional guitarist.
Chousa o susumeru uchi ni, odoroku beki ketsuron ni itatta.
As the investigation progressed, it led to a surprising conclusion.
Kono mondai wa tsui ni kokusaiteki na tairitsu ni itatta.
This issue finally led to an international conflict.
Takusan no shippai o hete, seikou ni itatta.
After many failures, I finally achieved success.

Long explanation:

The ~に至った grammar point is used to express the final outcome or conclusion that has been reached as a result of a process or a series of events. It can be translated as 'reached the point', 'led to', 'resulted in' in English. It typically indicates an extreme or significant outcome.

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