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Decoded Slug: ~に越したことはない (〜ni koshita koto wa nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に越したことはない (〜ni koshita koto wa nai)

~に越したことはない (〜ni koshita koto wa nai)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea 'it is best to...' or 'nothing better than...'.


Verb-てform + に越したことはない, い-Adjective + に越したことはない,な-Adjective + に越したことはない, Noun + に越したことはない


Hayaku junbi suru ni koshita koto wa nai.
It is best to prepare early.
Shinsen na shokuzai o tsukau ni koshita koto wa nai.
There's nothing better than using fresh ingredients.
Anzen unten ni koshita koto wa nai.
There is nothing better than safe driving.
Kenkou seikatsu o okuru ni koshita koto wa nai.
It is best to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Long explanation:

The ~に越したことはない grammar point is used to express the notion that a certain course of action or state is the best or most desirable. It literally means that 'nothing surpasses' the stated condition or situation.

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