Decoded Slug: ~に関わって (〜ni kakawatte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に関わって (〜ni kakawatte)

~に関わって (〜ni kakawatte)

Short explanation:

Indicates that something is related to or influenced by a certain matter or factor; 'concerning', 'in connection with', 'regarding'.


Verb-casual + に関わって, い-Adjective + に関わって, な-Adjective + に関わって, Noun + に関わって


Shiken no naiyou ni kakawatte, sensei ni shitsumon ga arimasu.
I have a question for the teacher regarding the content of the exam.
Kono purojekuto ni kakawatte, iken ga areba, enryo naku itte kudasai.
If you have any opinions regarding this project, please feel free to express them.
Kenkou ni kakawatte, shokuseikatsu wa totemo juuyou desu.
Regarding health, dietary habits are very important.
Sono jiken ni kakawatte, kare mo sukoshi utagawarete imasu.
He is also somewhat suspected in connection with the incident.

Long explanation:

The ~に関わって grammar point is used to express that something is related to, influenced by, or connected with a certain matter or factor. It can be translated as 'concerning', 'in connection with', or 'regarding' in English. The formation depends on whether it is used with a verb, い-adjective, な-adjective, or noun.

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