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Decoded Slug: ~に難くない (~ni muzukunai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~に難くない (~ni muzukunai)

~に難くない (~ni muzukunai)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea that something is not difficult; 'not difficult to ~'


Verb-ない form (Remove ない) + に難くない


Kono tegami wo yomu no ni muzukunai.
It's not difficult to read this letter.
Kare no hinto wo rikai suru no ni muzukunai.
It's not difficult to understand his hints.
Sono mondai wo toku no ni muzukunai.
It's not difficult to solve that problem.
Kanojo no kanjou wo haaku suru no ni muzukunai.
It's not difficult to grasp her feelings.

Long explanation:

The ~に難くない grammar point is used to express that something is not difficult or it's not hard to do something. It is equivalent to saying 'it's not difficult to ~' in English. It's often used with abilities or capacities, indicating that certain accomplishments are not complex or demanding.

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