Decoded Slug: ~ので (〜node)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ので (〜node)

~ので (〜node)

Short explanation:

Express a reason or a cause for something; 'because', 'since', 'so'.


Verb-casual + ので, い-Adjective + ので, な-Adjective + なので, Noun + なので


Ashita shiken ga aru node, konban benkyou shimasu.
I will study tonight because there is a test tomorrow.
Kono doresu ga takai node, kawanai koto ni shimasu.
I will not buy this dress because it is expensive.
Tanaka-san wa byouki na node, kyou wa kimasen.
Tanaka-san will not come today since he is sick.
Ame ga futte iru node, soto ni denai hou ga ii desu yo.
It is better not to go outside because it is raining.

Long explanation:

The ~ので grammar point is used to express reason or cause for something. It can be translated as 'because', 'since', or 'so' in English. It is similar to から but is considered more polite and formal. The formation differs depending on whether it is used with a verb, い-adjective, な-adjective, or noun.

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