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Decoded Slug: ~のは Noun ぐらいのものだ (〜no wa 〜 gurai no mono da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~のは Noun ぐらいのものだ (〜no wa 〜 gurai no mono da)

~のは Noun ぐらいのものだ (〜no wa 〜 gurai no mono da)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea that 'only/exclusively Noun' or 'nothing but Noun'.


Verb-casual + のは Noun + ぐらいのものだ, い-Adjective + のは Noun + ぐらいのものだ,な-Adjective + のは Noun + ぐらいのものだ, Noun + のは Noun + ぐらいのものだ


Kono shousetsu wo yomu no wa tanoshimi gurai no mono da.
The only thing about reading this novel is pleasure.
Kyou no yuushoku wa piza wo tabeta no wa manzoku gurai no mono da.
The only satisfying thing about today's dinner was eating pizza.
Kono eiga wo miru no wa jikan no muda gurai no mono da.
Watching this movie is nothing but a waste of time.
Kare to hanasu no wa sutoresu gurai no mono da.
Talking to him is nothing but stress.

Long explanation:

The ~のは Noun ぐらいのものだ grammar point is used to express the idea that something is 'only/exclusively Noun' or 'nothing but Noun'. It's used when the speaker wants to express that something is the only thing or point about a certain situation or event. It expresses the speaker’s strong feeling towards a topic or a situation.

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