Decoded Slug: ~はともかく~は (〜wa tomokaku 〜wa)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~はともかく~は (〜wa tomokaku 〜wa)

~はともかく~は (〜wa tomokaku 〜wa)

Short explanation:

Used to compare elements in a sentence with 'as for'.


Noun1 はともかく Noun2 は


Dezain wa tomokaku, kinou wa kono keitai denwa ga ichiban desu.
As for design, the functionality of this mobile phone is the best.
Kare no youshi wa tomokaku, seikaku wa subarashii desu.
As for his appearance, his personality is wonderful.
Ryouri no aji wa tomokaku, moritsuke wa kirei desu.
As for the taste of the food, the presentation is beautiful.
Nedan wa tomokaku, kono baggu no shitsu wa yoi desu.
As for the price, the quality of this bag is good.

Long explanation:

The grammar point ~はともかく~は is used to compare two elements or parts of a sentence, indicating that one part is less important or certain than the other. It can be translated as 'as for' in English. The formation is as follows: The sentence contains two elements that are being compared, and each is followed by は.

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