Decoded Slug: ~はまだしも (〜wa mada shimo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~はまだしも (〜wa mada shimo)

~はまだしも (〜wa mada shimo)

Short explanation:

Expresses that although the first item is somewhat understandable or acceptable, the second item is not.


Noun1 + はまだしも + Noun2


Shippai suru no wa mada shimo, yaranai de koukai suru hou ga tsurai.
Failing is one thing, but it's even harder to not try and regret it later.
Kono piza wa yasai ga sukunai no wa mada shimo, aji mo warui.
It's not just that this pizza has few vegetables, the taste is also bad.
Tama ni chikoku suru no wa mada shimo, renraku mo sezu ni chikoku suru no wa yurusenai.
Being late occasionally is still understandable, but being late without contacting is unforgivable.
Muzukashii shitsumon ni kotaerarenai no wa mada shimo, kantan na shitsumon ni mo kotaerarenai no wa mondai da.
It's one thing to not be able to answer difficult questions, but it's a problem if you can't even answer simple ones.

Long explanation:

The ~はまだしも grammar point is used to show comparison between two items or situations. It implies that while the first item or situation is somewhat understandable, acceptable, or bearable, the second one is not. It is generally used when expressing a preference or evaluating the consequences of different actions or choices.

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