Decoded Slug: ~は抜きにして (〜wa nuki ni shite)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~は抜きにして (〜wa nuki ni shite)

~は抜きにして (〜wa nuki ni shite)

Short explanation:

Leaving aside, excluding


Noun + は抜きにして


Nedan wa nuki ni shite, aji wa oishii.
Leaving aside the price, the taste is delicious.
Kare no seikaku wa nuki ni shite, kare no jitsuryoku wa mitomezaru o enai.
Leaving aside his personality, I have to admit his abilities.
Dezain wa nuki ni shite, kono keitai denwa no kinou wa sugurete iru.
Leaving aside the design, the features of this mobile phone are outstanding.
Unten no hayasa wa nuki ni shite, kanojo wa shinsetsu de shinrai dekiru untenshu da.
Leaving aside her driving speed, she is a kind and trustworthy driver.

Long explanation:

The ~は抜きにして grammar point is used to express the idea of 'leaving aside' or 'excluding' a certain aspect or factor. It is used when you want to focus on something by omitting or disregarding another aspect.

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