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Decoded Slug: ~ばかり (〜bakari)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ばかり (〜bakari)

~ばかり (〜bakari)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'only', 'nothing but', 'always', 'just'.


Verb-ますstem + ばかり, い-Adjective + ばかり, な-Adjective + ばかり, Noun + ばかり


Kare wa geemu bakari shite iru.
He is always playing games.
Kono heya wa kirei na mono bakari da.
This room has nothing but clean things.
Kanojo wa benkyou bakari shite ite, asonde iru hima ga nai.
She is always studying and has no time to play.
Kare no hanashi wa uso bakari de, shinjiru koto ga dekinai.
His words are nothing but lies, and I cannot believe them.

Long explanation:

The ~ばかり grammar point is used to express that something is only, nothing but, always, or just a certain way. It emphasizes the repeated or continuous nature of an action or state. It can be used with verbs, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, and nouns.

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