Decoded Slug: ~ばかりか (〜bakarika) ~も (mo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ばかりか (〜bakarika) ~も (mo)

~ばかりか (〜bakarika) ~も (mo)

Short explanation:

Not only... but also; more than just; not just


Verb-casual + ばかりか/も, い-Adjective + ばかりか/も, な-Adjective + だ + ばかりか/も, Noun + だ + ばかりか/も


Kanojo wa eigo bakarika, furansugo mo hanasemasu.
Not only can she speak English, but she can also speak French.
Kono resutoran wa aji ga yoi bakarika, saabisu mo subarashii.
Not only does this restaurant have great taste, but the service is also wonderful.
Paatii wa tanoshii dake de naku, ryouri mo oishikatta.
Not only was the party fun, but the food was also delicious.
Kare wa atama ga ii bakarika, supootsu mo tokui da.
Not only is he smart, but he is also good at sports.

Long explanation:

The grammar point ~ばかりか ~も is used to emphasize that something is not limited to only one thing, but also includes another thing. It can be translated as 'not only... but also', 'more than just', or 'not just' in English. This expression is typically used with verbs, adjectives, and nouns.

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