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Decoded Slug: ~ばかりか〜も (〜bakari ka 〜 mo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ばかりか〜も (〜bakari ka 〜 mo)

~ばかりか〜も (〜bakari ka 〜 mo)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'not only... but also'; emphasizing the extent of something.


Noun/Verb/Adjective + ばかりか + Noun/Verb/Adjective + も


Kare wa kawaii bakari ka kashikoi mo desu.
He is not only cute but also smart.
Kono resutoran wa aji ga yoi bakari ka saabisu mo subarashii desu.
This restaurant has not only great taste but also wonderful service.
Kanojo wa nihongo ga jouzu bakari ka eigo mo hanaseru.
She can speak not only Japanese but also English.
Kare wa uta ga umai bakari ka dansu mo umai.
He is not only good at singing but also dancing.

Long explanation:

The ~ばかりか〜も grammar point is used to express the idea of 'not only... but also' in a sentence. It emphasizes the extent to which something applies, showing a certain component or factor is not the only relevant one.

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