Decoded Slug: ~ば~というものでもない (〜ba 〜to iu mono demo nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~ば~というものでもない (〜ba 〜to iu mono demo nai)

~ば~というものでもない (〜ba 〜to iu mono demo nai)

Short explanation:

Not necessarily true that if A, then B.


Verb-ば form + というものでもない


Takai mono ga ii mono bakari de wa nai.
Expensive things are not always good.
Eigo ga dekireba, seikou suru to iu mono demo nai.
Just because you can speak English, it doesn't mean you will succeed.
Mitame ga utsukushii kara to itte, kokoro mo utsukushii to iu mono demo nai.
Just because someone is beautiful on the outside, it doesn't mean they are beautiful inside.
Yuumei daigaku ni haireba, shourai ga antai da to iu mono demo nai.
Getting into a famous university doesn't guarantee a secure future.

Long explanation:

The ~ば~というものでもない grammar point is used to express that something is not necessarily true even if a certain condition is met. In other words, it implies that if A happens, it doesn't always mean that B will happen.

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