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Decoded Slug: ~びた Noun (~ bi ta ~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~びた Noun (~ bi ta ~)

~びた Noun (~ bi ta ~)

Short explanation:

Used to emphasise the objective or target of an action.


Verb-volitional + びた + Noun


Tottsukibi ta tomodachi ni naritai.
I want to become a lifelong friend.
Isshokenmei hataraita kekka, shigotobi ta seikou o toge mashita.
As a result of working hard, I achieved my desired success in my job.
Kare wa kanemochibi ta kingaku o mezashiteimasu.
He is aiming for a wealth-like amount of money.
Kanojo wa jinseibi ta shiawase o oimotometeimasu.
She is pursuing a life-like kind of happiness.

Long explanation:

The ~びた Noun grammar point is used to strongly accentuate the object or target of an action. It's used when expressing the subject's strong intent, hope, or determination. The Noun represents the object or target in question, and is typically something the speaker wishes to achieve or accomplish.

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